What Is The Effect Of Oven Cleaner On Kitchen Countertops You Must Avoid

What is the effect of oven cleaner on kitchen countertops – Do you love cooking? Is cooking your fondness hobby? If yes, then the hygiene of your kitchen must be prioritize. Therefore, food splatters, grease, persistent stains should be your enemy as a chef, mostly on your countertops. Countertop becomes the most important part of a kitchen besides of the others. The cleanliness of a countertop will construct your mood of cooking. It will also affect the hygiene of your food that will be cooked there. In other side, the smudge that caused by your oven will be difficult to be cleaned. The best way to clean it is using a special oven cleaner. Unfortunately, the oven cleaner causes some effects to the kitchen countertops. What are those effects? This article will explain what is the effect of oven cleaner on kitchen countertops.

what is the effect of oven cleaner on kitchen countertops answer

1. The Corrosive of The Bubble Reaction

Most of oven cleaners are using a powerful toxic chemicals that will clean your oven very excessive. The toxic chemicals are powerful enough to remove the dirt outside and inside the oven, even the untouched parts. Therefore, what happen if this corrosive toxic chemical hits your countertops? It will absolutely damage your countertop and give a forever mark.

2. The Toxic Chemical Will Be Absorbed Into The Countertops

As being said, the chemical of oven cleaners are more toxic than a ordinary dirt in your oven. Therefore, aside from damaging your countertop, the toxic chemical will be absorbed into it. What will happen next? Your countertops will be harmful to your own skin when you touch it.
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3. The Toxic Chemical Last Longer

After get damaged by the toxic chemical oven cleaner, the chemical will keep damaging your countertops even worse. It will keep chew away the safety top layer of your kitchen countertop. Furthermore, if you think that this is already happening in your counter, clean it as soon as possible. Otherwise, the damage will get worse and harder to be cleaned.

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4. Even Worse on Wooden Countertops

The damage are more severe if your countertops are made by wood. The corrosive will soften the top layer and make it stickier gummy-like. Although some countertops of wood are able to be backed up, it will never be the perfect as the original one. It also needs refinishing the superficies. Furthermore, it will be even worse if you are going to instal a sink on your kitchen. Unless, you buy a new countertops and know how to install a kitchen sink in a new countertop.

5. Hard To Be Cleaned

The first reason of why I said the toxic chemical of oven cleaner should be cleaned as soon as possible is because it will be more sticky with the countertops. You must always check immediately the surface of your countertops everytime you clean your oven. Therefore, use your best way of cleaning it to avoid the toxic chemical nests in your lovely countertops.
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The last to say, that is the explanation about what is the effect of oven cleaner on kitchen countertops. Hopefully this article will make you aware of the effect of oven cleaner.