9 Kitchenaid Food Processor Parts

Kitchenaid Food Processor Parts – Cooking is one of lovely hobby everyone can do. Serving anything you like to eat is better than buying in a restaurant because you can adjust to your own taste and ensure its quality. But, do you often spend more time while cooking? If yes, maybe you should start to use kitchenaid food processor to assist you. It is an electronic equipment that can help you to chop, puree, knead, mix, shred, and slice easier and quicker. This food processor is almost the same with kitchenaid stand mixer attachments. For further explanation about that kitchenaid food processor parts will be drawn below:

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1. French Fry Disc

The first part of kitchenaid food processor is French fry disc. This accessory is placed in the top of the work bowl. It is functioned to help you make French fry easily and quickly. As a good chef, you absolutely need this part to maximizing your time of cooking. Yet, it can also be used to slice properly firm fruits and vegetables. It will be categorized as one of the most useful multifunction tools in your kitchen.

2. External Adjustable Blade Slicing Control

The next is external adjustable blade slicing control. It works for slicing any fruit and vegetable from thick to thin with one slide of the handle with no need to stop the operation of the food processor. It must be more practical since everything can be sliced automatically.
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3. Internal Adjustable Slicing Disc
Another slicing control of kitchenaid food processor is placed inside the body. An internal adjustable slicing disc here is helping you to slice ingredients with the thickness between 1/16-inch and 1/4 inch.

4. Multipurpose Blade

Every kitchenaid food processor has multipurpose blade inside the work bowl. As its name implies, this part has many functions. It can be used to chop, mince, blend, mix or emulsify ingredients swiftly. So, you can make assorted foods you like comfortably right now. I would recommend this kit to complete your food processor parts.

5. Feed Tube Pusher

The other part of kitcheenaid food processor is mouth feed tube pusher. It consists of 3 mouths in one body which work to lead the ingredients of all sizes into different discs. What a lovely tool, right?

6. Ice Disc

Another disc that is available in food processor is Ice disc. It is stronger than slicing disc because it is benefitted to grating hard cheese or shaving ice. Although it seems like not really substantial, but you must have this kitchenaid to perfect your kithen.

7. Citrus Reamer

Citrus reamer is a part that is functioned to extracts juice from citrus fruits quickly and thoroughly and keeps seeds out of the juice. This kitchenaid must be the same important as the ice disk.

8.  Egg Whip

The next part is egg whip. It fits in the work bowl of your food processor. This egg whip helps you to whip cream and egg whites for desserts, meringues, and mousses.

9. Work Bowl

This the most important part, work bowl. As it has been mentioned that several parts are fitted in the work bowl. It likes a container that benefits to accommodate other parts’ work.
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Those are all kitchenaid food processor parts that will ease you to cook the foods. For your information, food processor is available in several series such as 16, 11, and 7 cup food processor. It may cost some of your money but, it will be guaranteed that your cooking life will more enjoyable.

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